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Apr 11th, 2021

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If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, you're already familiar with Mi Calendar, the default calendar app from this company. This is the official calendar app that comes preinstalled on Xiaomi smartphones, so whenever you schedule an appointment or check the date, this is the app you use.

Thanks to Mi Calendar, you can look up any date for any year, check details for a certain date, and manage your appointments and events in a quick and easy way. Mi Calendar is a great app for making the most of your time by creating events and reminders so you never run late or forget an important date again.

Find the time you need for your activities, and never forget important dates again thanks to this app. In your notes, you can add all the information you need so you don't forget a thing. Manage everything you can think of and more, all thanks to the many features included on Mi Calendar.

One of the best parts of Mi Calendar is the variety of layouts, so you can check what's coming up today, this week, or this month, making the most of your time without any of the hassle.
Reviewed by Nelson de Benito

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Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Schedules and Calendars
Language English
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Author Xiaomi
Downloads 495,513
Date Apr 11th, 2021
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handsomegoldenapricot88997 icon
handsomegoldenapricot88997 in 2020

An error occurred while sharing a image from calender. How to fix it?

fatgreymonkey95618 icon
fatgreymonkey95618 in 2020

nice 123

proudyellowspider50139 icon
proudyellowspider50139 in 2020

How do I change the language?

happypinkbear51209 icon
happypinkbear51209 in 2020

Using the MI Calendar on the MI 9T and love the layout and feel of this app. However, I have discovered a slightly annoying issue, and that is that it is not possible to associate ICS Calendar files w...

amazingpurplewoodpecker72022 icon
amazingpurplewoodpecker72022 in 2019

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